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Types Of Exterior Building Cleaning

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  • 21-11-2022
Types Of Exterior Building Cleaning

What are the main types of exterior building cleaning? Find out more about the benefits of exterior building cleaning and when   exterior building cleaning is used?

The Benefits of Exterior Building Cleaning

Generally speaking, you should clean the exterior of your home every couple of years; this is because your outside walls and surfaces can become very dirty from nature, including weather and bugs. 

Power washing the exterior of your home or building includes every part of the exterior, not just the façade and roof - this covers driveways, patios, and more, it is possible to make sure that your property always looks its best by keeping these places tidy.

Your patio and driveway can benefit from power cleaning, which can both make them look better and assist to avoid additional damage - these are the two main justifications for having them cleaned often, but cleaning them can also make them more secure for usage and walking on. 

Cleaning these places helps assure your safety all year long; small mossy patches and oily spots might pose problems when you walk through them.


Different Cleaning Treatments

Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning approach that is both safe and effective, it enables cleaning and sanitising from the safety of the ground or a platform; utilising low-pressure equipment to effectively clean and disinfect external surfaces using gentle washing chemicals. 

Soft washing uses superior eco-friendly Softwash materials tailored for all types of projects to adopt a scientific approach to cleaning. Soft washing removes fungus, moss, red and green algae, bacteria, lichen, pollen, mould, and other kinds of embedded growth from an outer surface without using high pressure.

By cleaning and rinsing at low pressures with low-pressure pumps soft washing is the most efficient and effective hard surface cleaning solution on the market in the UK, giving outstanding results. Depending on the weather and location of the property, soft washing can keep surfaces clean for up to 5 years after treatment.

With time, the exterior paint discolours and begins to seem worn. Pressure washing the outside walls may repair and renew the paint, removing the need for a fresh coat - it decreases the frequency with which you must repaint and keeps your property appearing new. 

Exterior cleaning services are particularly useful if you are painting your property for the first time, you don't want to paint over dirt or stains since it will lower the quality of the project.

One of the least discussed advantages of outside cleaning services is improved air quality - you may see black specks or green algae-like particles coating your walls or driveway after prolonged exposure to the outdoors, that isn't simply dirt, it's mould and mildew, and it's dangerous - it degrades air quality, causing allergies and respiratory problems.

When Is Exterior Building Cleaning Used?

The outside of your home is the first thing guests and personnel see, and it gives that crucial first impression. Exterior filth or stains, mould or moss spots, grass springing from gutters, and unclean windows and doors can all give the incorrect impression.

 Brick Cleaning

Cleaning a brick house's outside may be challenging; professional exterior cleaning services are aware of the best methods for cleaning the brick in your region.

If you have never pressure-washed brick exteriors, you run the risk of damaging them.

A pressure cleaning business will know just how much pressure to apply on your brick in the meantime. Use a power washer and a brick-cleaning solution to effectively clean brick surfaces. Alternately, after using the cleaning agent, thoroughly rinse the brick with water.

What Are The Main Types Of Exterior Building Cleaning?

 Commercial Building & Factory Cleaning

Many people connect cleanliness with professionalism, and they are correct; you must consider the aesthetic worth of your firm.

If your ancient wooden flooring is filthy or your outside walls are deteriorating, hiring industrial cleaning machinery and personnel to run them can take the work out of your hands and into the hands of specialists. Going above and beyond to keep your property in good condition reflects positively on both you and your services.

 Graffiti Removal

A professional graffiti remover will ensure that the vandalised brick, concrete, or stone surface retains its original form and colour. If you use too strong cleaning chemicals by mistake, you may end up with an ugly and spotty wall.

 Gutter Cleaning

Unattractive, clogged gutters will make your property seem unwelcome; having clean gutters improves your home's curb appeal and makes it appear its best whether you plan to sell it or not.

Clean gutters provide purchasers with a favourable first impression of your home, which may boost your chances of obtaining an offer if you're selling it.

 Paint Removal

Professional paint removal offers a smooth, clean finish with none of the unsightly spots or chisel lines that a DIY approach may leave, especially on surfaces with several coats of paint.

This indicates that the surface or door is ready to be repainted or coated and that once repainted or coated, there will be no traces of the old paint or coating, nor any paint remover or chisel marks. It is suitable for high-end doors.

 Façade & Cladding Cleaning

Even the most magnificent structures can succumb to the influences of the time.

Bringing a historic property's front back to life may be difficult when atmospheric stains, algae, moss, and dirt accumulate; it could be tempting to try to do the task yourself - your building's facade provides a weatherproof shell that is also aesthetically beautiful.

Facade cleaning eliminates dirt and grime, pollutants, stains, and vegetation, leaving your house or company to appear clean, inviting, and appealing.

Cleaning your cladding, much like cleaning your windows, can aid in maintaining a clean and tidy appearance that you will want to present on both the outside and interior of your building.

A grimy and dirty exterior appearance can give customers and clients entering your building an immediate negative impression. Taking care of and staying on top of cleaning routines for both the interior and exterior of your building will show people coming to your business premises that you take pride in your work and your surroundings.


 High-Level Cleaning

High-level cleaning is exactly what it sounds like: cleaning at a high level. Cleaning, at its most basic, is the cleaning of surfaces, whether interior or exterior, that needs either equipment or persons at a height.

Of course, many people will only think of exterior cleaning at height when they see someone abseiling to clean windows or standing on access platforms to clean cladding. However, there are interior walls and ceilings in some types of establishments that are as high and require cleaning.

 Render Cleaning

Your outside surfaces are shielded against cracks, moisture, and the spread of algae by professional render cleaning services; it will get rid of the built-up filth and reveal any early signs of degradation.

Render cleaning is a crucial component of house maintenance since it keeps your property in good condition, when it comes to the quality and condition of your home or business, don't skimp. Your rendered surfaces may appear brand new with routine render cleaning and a little upkeep.

 Stone Cleaning

The best technique to revive stone surfaces' lost attractiveness is by cleaning. Additionally, doing so raises the value of both business and residential buildings; the natural and distinctive polish of the stones is excellent, and they are enduring and will never lose their allure.

 Window Cleaning

Regular window cleaning and care will not only help keep them looking great for many years to come, but it will also help you avoid window damage, protect the purity of the air within your home, and preserve the energy efficiency of your home.

 Listed Building Cleaning

The primary goal of listed building cleaning is to eliminate grime buildup, which can react with the stonework and limit its longevity.

Damp regions attract dirt as well, especially when the weather is moist - cleaning away debris or organic materials might make these wet patches more visible if they have not already been discovered.

Thick filth can also trap water against or within the brickwork, hastening the stonework's degradation; aside from the cosmetic benefits, professional façade and stone cleaning will help to remove grime and discolouration that may be masking or aggravating structural failures and causing severe difficulties with the entire structure.


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