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Common Uses Of Dustless Blasting

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  • 06-05-2021
Common Uses Of Dustless Blasting

What is Blast Cleaning used for?

If you have surfaces such as masonry or wood which require blast cleaning, you may be considering the common uses of dustless blasting. Find out more about the benefits of blast cleaning below.


Automotive Blasting

Dustless Blasting is the ideal tool for blasting away body filler, rust and old, chipped paint. The Dustless Blaster is a much faster, cleaner and more eco-friendly process than any paint stripping device or technology. It is the future of surface preparation, and you'll find many companies and industries are currently seeking out these services. 

Our blasting process suppresses dust, and you can blast just about any surface or in any environment without worrying about bulky containment. Often bulkier containments are associated with traditional sandblasting or dry blasting. We can send off our very own mobile machines to a specific customers location for a more convenient, efficient service. 

Sandblasting is known for damaging and warping metals. The dryness of the method creates much friction and heat that distorts the metal of the car or vehicle. Wet blasting is a much safer option; the water used keeps the surface around 10 degrees cooler than the ambient air, ensuring the metal doesn't warp because of the heat. 

As well as ridding paint or rust, dustless blasting helps clean the surfaces, leaving them free of soluble salts and contaminants. Soluble salts cause flash rust; however, if we use a Rust Inhibitor, it gets the surface primer-ready for up to 72 hours. It makes it an excellent paint stripping method for businesses that deal with automotive restoration. 

Graffiti Removal

When using Dustless Blasting methods or processes, you can remove graffiti altogether in a much faster, effortless way. The surface underneath remains undamaged yet stripped clean of paints, any contaminants or dirt. The wall will be ready for retouching or repainting in no due time. 

Without massive, harmful plumes of dust in your way, you can work safely in any community environment. Removing the graffiti is straightforward and leaves no traces of damaged surfaces in need of restoration. 

Common Uses Of Dustless Blasting

Powder Coating

Sandblasting can take around 30 seconds for each square inch of powder coating removal, which altogether makes for a somewhat lengthy process. Thanks to its potent and unique approach, Dustless Blasting, on the other hand, takes around a minute per square foot. Chemical stripping is when we dip parts into heavy vats of toxic chemicals. Processes and methods such as this are hazardous and very expensive. 

Dustless Blasting abrasive, however, is eco-friendly, much safer and a whole lot cheaper. It's also straightforward to use; you point and blast away even the most challenging paint coatings. 

Fleet Vehicles

Our process allows for a fast and easy way to stay up to date with your vehicle displays and remove paint or decals whilst manoeuvring around rivets and complex places to reach. 

FLEET VEHICLES blast cleaning

Fleet vehicles must constantly update their displays to ensure that all poster and critical information is up during the correct time frame. A job as such can become time-consuming and our Dustless Blasting method makes the process swift and easy. 

The water used can reduce heat and friction. In doing so, the aluminium is not at risk of sliding off the fleet vehicle, and it will not bend or warp, unlike if you were to use dry blasting or sandblasting.    

Surface Cleaning

The method of Dustless Blasting can be much more effective than a process like power washing. It makes it the perfect tool for cleaning and restoring stone, brick, concrete and masonry, and many more materials. We use recycled glass and water as blast media to ensure no harm goes to any nearby animal or plant life, overall it is very eco-friendly and complies with governmental regulations. 

The abrasive flow and adjustable pressure of the Dustless Blaster mean you have complete and utter control over the overall strength of your blast; this is to ensure the substrate doesn't become damaged. It is also a far more effective method than power washing for several reasons. Removal of grime, line stripes, mildew, oil stains and calcium is so much simpler with Dustless Blasting's powerful, highly abrasive system. 

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment and machinery often use industrial-strength coatings, which are challenging to remove with several other processes. The Dustless Blaster has a strong mix of water and abrasive, and a highly focused nozzle for precision allows the removal of any tough coatings to be an easy task. 

The Dustless Blaster is one of the world's most robust and arguably most powerful restoration tools. It allows you to remove paint coatings without the constant worry that you may damage your equipment the way dry blasting would. Wet blasting and using water quickly decreases the risk of heat and friction damage that causes warping or flash rust. 

Dustless Blasting requires no actual downtime, and downtime can negatively affect your productivity. Due to how quickly the blaster can strip complex coatings and result in minor cleanup or contaminants, your machinery and tools can get back up and running in no time, in significantly less time than any other method, device or process. 

Refinery Blasting

The dustless blasting process allows you to perform refinery maintenance faster and more efficiently, without any necessary need to shut down plant operations. There is no massive plume of dust to worry about, so others may work alongside you or your professional teams. 

The Dustless Blasting system creates no ignitable sparks or harmful static electricity, making it far safer to use than traditional dry blasting, soda blasting or sandblasting. It removes grease, grime, rust and other contaminants in one easy step. 


Marine Blasting

Sanding is a laborious process with harsh, dangerous chemicals. Dustless Blasting is much safer, faster, and more efficient when stripping down a marine vessel than other traditional methods. The dustless blaster removes all coating you encounter, from anti-fouling paint to heavy marine growth and epoxy.

The water that mixes with abrasive during dustless blasting traps the abrasive and residue and prevents it from releasing into the atmosphere so that they can blast media freely. That way, surroundings are always clean, free of mess, and thus, others in the marinas can continue to work with other people and vessels without disruption or harmful particles. 

Wood Restoration


Processes like the Dustless Blaster are vital for maintaining the integrity and overall aesthetic appearance of wooden surfaces, whether antique or modern. Dustless Blasters handle these kinds of items with ease due to the ability to adjust the heat pressure.  

Various sized nozzles and pressures allow you to control and tackle any project, from intricate detail work to massive building projects. We use our machines to restore antiques, log cabins, furniture, patios, siding and much more. 

Stripe Removal

We can tackle stripe removal through the use of dustless blasting. It removes oil stains, tar, paint and thermoplastic from the pavement. Another clever way you can use it is to texture and etch hard surfaces or terrain. It is excellent for bringing in vast revenue for your businesses. 

Asbestos Abatement

Sandblasting and several other traditional methods can often cause asbestos to become airborne; this puts many people's health at risk and endangers the environment. Dustless Blasting uses lots of water to suppress and confine abrasive and asbestos. Ultra High-Pressure systems (UHP) use plenty of water and has a negative effect causing dangerous run-off. Dustless blasting uses 95% less water than that in UHP, making it much more safe and efficient. 

Dustless Blasters use water and recycled glass as a more environmentally friendly way to blast media, ensuring you won't have a harmful run-off. Processes like this fully comply with governmental regulations. 

If you require blast cleaning in London or anywhere in the UK, we can help.  If you are interested in a dustless blasting service, RM Specialist Blast Cleaning is always happy to help and assist you. 

We can offer high-quality training that may only take around 5 or so minutes. We have professionals on standby so that you can happily stop by and demo our machines at any hours of the day.